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It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action,

and discipline that enabled us to follow through. -Mark Twain

  • Provide self-defense, martial arts, and fitness training at free, discounted, and reasonable rates for vulnerable / at risk populations.

  • Organize and host events and tournaments in alignment with our mission.

  • Provide support (financial and otherwise) for valuable community causes

  • Build solidarity with other communities and organizations to address common concerns

  • Host exhibitions of art or other displays that accord with our mission

  • Support and Provide affordable locations for groups whose missions align with ours 

  • We gather to Fellowship

  • Work with Foster Care System children (Vance Pascua)

  • Encourage Senior citizens to gather and learn an overall wellness program. (Physical, Nutritional, Mental, and Spiritual)

  • Offer Veterans a place to release any stresses or pressures from daily living.

  • Teach women's self defense seminars at our facility locations as well as requested workplaces.

  • Conduct non-denominational Bible study programs for Kids and Adults (Pastor Tom Inannucci)

  • Missionary works through the Martial Arts 

    • The Mission field doesn’t have to be on foreign soil. There is plenty of need here in the United States of America. 

    • Martial Arts Ministry (service)

  • Keep kids (at risk youth) off the streets.

  • Provide Education / Guidance for youth and Families.

  • Provide support for Families fighting drug problems / Abuse (all kinds).

  • We Provide a safe haven for ALL.

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